今月11/23(土)oto-doke 14th anniversary feat. GONNO (Beats in Space/Ostgut Ton)

音溶 14th anniversary feat. GONNO (WC/Merkur/mulemusiq/International Feel)



今年の周年パーティは11/23 (sat) 開催です🎉

10年目の区切りに周年パーティを始めた音溶ですが、これまでDJ NOBU、DJ YOGURT、DJ HIKARU、MOODMANに続いて今年はSPゲストにGONNO氏を迎えてオトドケ!!

おなじみベルリンBerghainのレーベルOstgut TonからNick Höpperとの新作EPを発表したGONNO氏!!説明不要の世界で活躍するDJ/トラックメイカーでございます!!







oto-doke 14th anniversary



◆Special Guest DJ

GONNO (Beats in Space/Ostgut Ton/WC/Merkur/mulemusiq/International Feel)


GONNO (WC/Merkur/mulemusiq/International Feel)


2011年にInternational Feel Recordingsからリリースされたシングル"Acdise #2”が、ロラン・ガルニエやジェームス・ホールデン、フランソワ・ケヴォーキアン等にプレイされ、2011年のベストテクノレコードと言えるヒットを記録。

2013年にはジェフ・ミルズ "Where Light Ends" のリミックス提供を初め、NYのBeats In Space Recordsからの"The Noughties EP"、ALTZとのスプリットシングル、Calm別名義K.F.のリミックス等を次々と発表、海外公演も数年に渡り行い、同年にはロンドンBoiler Roomに初出演も果たした。

2015年には4年ぶりにInternational Feelより新作”Obscurant”を発表。従来のアシッド/メロディックな要素を残しながら、スローモーかつポストクラシカルなアプローチを意欲的に取り入れた本作も、収録曲”A LIfe With Cralinet”はVice Magazine UKの音楽チャンネル “THUMP”の2015上半期において4位に取り上げられている。

8月には自身10年振りの、ワールドワイドではデビュー作となるアルバム “Remember The Life Is Beautiful”を発表、PitchforkやResident Advisorなど海外各メディアで賛辞を得る。

毎年恒例の欧州ツアーも2015年秋にはベルリンPanorama BarやグラスゴーSub Clubをはじめとした各国で大盛況に終わり、冬にはBoiler Roomの5周年にも出演し話題となった。

2016年、ベルリンBerghainが運営するレーベルOstgut TonからNick Hoppnerとの共作「Fantastic Planet」を発表。同年12月には、Berghainの12周年アニバーサリーパーティーにも出演を果たした。



Gonno is without a doubt an integral part of the current wave of house and techno in Japan. His releases have not only appeared on reputable local labels but have also made their way humbly over to the continent.

Gonno always manages to bring an acidy and melodic flavor to his DJ and live sets while still staying true to his house and techno roots. Without fail he draws clubbers in with eclectic sounds and the lost art of storytelling behind the decks/machines.

As a result of his infectious sets he’s been playing as a DJ around the world such as UK, EU, US, China, South East Asia, India and Australia since now.

Gonno’s release “Acdise #2” on International Feel Recordings in 2011 was his break point to get wider audience, even before its release the EP had frequent play from so many DJs such as Laurent Garnier, James Holden, Francois Kevorkian, Tim Sweeney and Todd Terje, and still continues to be a phenomenal long seller. It’s no exaggeration to say “Acdise #2” is the year’s best Japanese techno tune.

In 2015 Gonno released a full-length solo album for the first time in ten years entitled “Remember The Life Is Beautiful” from Endless Flight which gained him wider recognition and appraise from international audience. His remix of Jeff Mills’ “Light Of Electric Energy” was included in Mills’ album “Where Light Ends,” and other recent works include his solo EP “The Noughties” on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space Records, and a collaboration EP with Nick Höppner “Fantastic Planet” on Ostgut Ton.

In past 3 years from then, while he’s still been touring many countries he did some remix for the label such as Cocktail D’Amore Music and Butter Sessions etc., also collaborated with a Japanese drummer Masumura and putted their album “In Circles” in 2018 on P-vine records Japan. It sounds they focuses the new impacts between electronics and afro-jazzy drums, such like resonating South London's new vibes as Giles Peterson introduced their track on BBC Radio in UK.

In 2019 he is keeping touring arounds energetically as a DJ, amongst he suppose to play at Dekmantel Selectors Croatia, Berghain, Canada and US from summer till Autumn. On top of that, the collaboration with Nick Höppner will be coming back and their new EP on Ostgut Ton. Also his some remixes will be coming out soon.




Charlie Apple

OKADA Masahiro








早割 2000yen (1drink order)

当日 2500yen (1drink order)








音溶 14th anniversary feat. GONNO (Beats in Space/Ostgut Ton/WC/Merkur/mulemusiq/International Feel)






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